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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Autumn 2019

This week, we are beginning to learn about our skeletons using the book "Funnybones". We are also learning the song "Dem Bones" to help us remember their names.

We found a real treasure map and followed it to find real pirate gold!

Pirate Pete must have heard about all the treasure we found last week because he stolen it all from us over the weekend! This week, we have had LOTS of fun writing messages in bottles, learning pirate shanties, creating treasure chests, walking the plank, crafting fancy captain hats, having epic battles between rival ships, and much more! I've heard a rumour that we will be following maps to find and dig up a real treasure chest of gold next week!! 

Following the children's (pirate's) interests!

In Chestnut Class, we follow the children's interests as this is the key to making their learning enjoyable and exciting. After a child found an old pair of stripy trousers at the bottom of the dressing up box, we all became very interested at the prospect of becoming pirates and finding some treasure! We cancelled all other plans and spent the afternoon making pirate's hats, building ships, drawing maps and hunting for gold! An afternoon well spent! 

... and his favourite food is GRUFFALO crumble!

Watch out, there's a Gruffalo about!

The year 1 children have been enjoying learning about our school in geography. We found ourselves on the maps and then investigated and sketched what we found around school.

We learn about letters and sounds in lots of fun ways in Reception!

A fun first few weeks in Chestnut Class!

This morning, we decided on rules for our class. We drew pictures showing us being kind to our friends, listening well and working hard!