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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Caterpillar Club

Caterpillar Club


‘Caterpillar Club’ was originally formed (and named), over 10 years ago, by a pupil at Cockshutt Primary School.  The pupil was finding it difficult to make friends, and was feeling lonely.  Staff had noticed she had become withdrawn.   


Through talking with parents and the pupil, we started up a weekly lunchtime colouring club, along with a few other children.  This provided a non-judgemental, inclusive and supportive environment.  Over a few weeks, the pupil at the heart of the group, grew in confidence, and felt valued.  She developed positive social skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, and ultimately friendships, within the group.  These skills were transferred into the classroom, and playground.  The club continued to be part of our school offer, with the focus child as Group Leader!


Caterpillar Club continues to provide a small and safe group setting, run by myself.  The aim is to offer peer support, for a small number of children, varied in age, who are experiencing difficulties at playtimes, or barriers to learning.

We celebrate our uniqueness and strengths, and talk about respect, positive language, kind hands, and kind words. The club offers the opportunity to gain social skills, and confidence through play, reading, colouring and craft.  Activities are often designed to support each child’s needs, but will involve the whole group.  We focus on positive interactions, turn taking, sharing and listening.


Children usually spend 6 weeks coming to Caterpillar Club, on a Wednesday lunchtime.   This can be longer or shorter, depending on circumstances.  Teachers, and parents can request a referral.   Reasons may include, low self-esteem, anxiety, concerns about behaviour or learning.  Children who experience family breakdown, anxiety, loss, bereavement, transition, and illness or disability.


If you have any queries regarding this club, please contact me, through the office, either in person or over the phone.


Mrs Hedley

Learning Mentor