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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery



Well done to AW for receiving the ‘Over and Above’ award this term. She has an excellent attitude towards her work, friendships and school community. 

Well done PL for your determination during the D and T project, you refused to adapt your original design even though it was tricky. Your determination worked as you succeeded with your final product. 

Well done SA, you are always smiling which makes us smile too. You are a very logical and thoughtful young man with a wise head on young shoulders. 


Mrs Edwards has awarded KRM a certificate for his excellent attitude towards his learning and his amazing progress. Well done. 


Miss Williams has awarded JT a certificate for her creativity and TM for his perseverance. Well done. 

Reading Award

A huge  well done to KRM who has received a certificate and prize from the library for making fantastic progress with his reading. 


Well done to these two children who have really impressed Miss Williams with their effort and achievements in Maths this week. They have been working over and above. 


Well done to CO, he always works hard, perseveres, is kind, well mannered and gives 100% to everything he does. 

Well done to KRM who was really kind this week and left one of her friends a lovely and thoughtful encouragement note. What a super act of kindness. 


Well done to TM, he has tried really hard to improve his handwriting and has been practicing his spellings every week. 10/10 again, fantastic. 

I have been very impressed with how JT has progressed in music. She listens carefully to Mr Kitcher and has developed a fantastic understanding of how to play the penny whistle. Well done. 


Well done to HJ, she is a caring and hardworking young lady who makes us laugh everyday with her funny comments. 

Well done to EE, she has been trying hard with her handwriting this week. Keep it up. 


It has been lovely to see HCP grow in confidence and perseverance this week. Even when she faced challenges she worked to overcome them and has completed some fantastic writing and time work. Well done HCP. 

KRM has gone over and above this week in all subjects. His hard work and determination has impressed all members of staff in class. He made lovely contributions to our SUMO discussion and his reading is making fantastic progress. Well done KRM. 


JE has had a fantastic week this week, he has completed some excellent work and worked with independence and perseverance. In Art he made an amazing coil pot and also showed a real talent in Spanish. Well done JE. 

Well done and welcome back to FB, she has had a fantastic week, she has been engaged and enthusiastic with her learning. She has settled back into class as if she has never been away and we are all so happy to have her back. 


Well done to AW for your fantastic work in English this week. He has a great understanding of the skills that have been taught and used this along with his own ideas to write a fantastic paragraph, he also entertained the class with his funny David Attenborough impression when he shared his work. 

RH is a wonderful example of a compassionate and caring member of our school. He is always helping others, this might be looking after children who have hurt themselves or seem unhappy or helping members of staff by making sure everyone wipes their feet as they come into school so the carpet stays clean. No wonder this young man was voted to be the year 3 ambassador. Well done RH. 


Well done to BH for his enthusiasm during the poetry workshop and his fantastic performance. He was also very compassionate and supportive during Forest School. 

Well done to KRM for his contributions and enthusiasm during our poetry workshop, it was amazing to see you being so engaged in the performances. 


Well done to TBD, he is a perfect example of our value this half term of compassion. He is kind and thoughtful towards everyone in our school community, he cares for children if they are feeling sad and will always make sure people are happy. 

I have been really impressed with RH's work in Mathematics this week. He has learnt a lot of new language when investigating angles and lines and he has used the new vocabulary to explain his work and learning. Well done. 


Well done to SA who has impressed me with his independence in writing this week. He wrote his own version of 'When the Giant Stirred' by changing  the characters and events and made some fantastic language choices. I really enjoyed reading your story. 

What an amazing attitude AW has towards her learning. She always tackles her work with positivity and perseverance. She works independently but also supports her peers with respect and kindness. She always challenges herself in all areas of her learning. Well done AW. 


PL has been a star this week, her enthusiasm for everything we do in class is infectious. She tackles all of her work with determination and positivity, her bubbly personality makes us all smile. Well done. 

HJ has been amazing this week, she has concentrated on her tasks and remained focused until her work has been completed. She has also shown great independence this week. I am very proud of her for her perseverance. Well done.  

Well done to KRM for his hard work this week. He has been enthusiastic and engaging when talking about his reading and has applied himself really well to developing his understanding of numbers. 
Well done to CO for his amazing work this week. He has fantastic attitude towards his learning, he learns new skills and applies them to all areas of the curriculum. I have really enjoyed reading his writing this week and seeing his ability to solve complex Maths problems. 


Well done to DD, who demonstrated fantastic learning behaviours this week by applying his previous learning to  his writing which resulted in a great piece of work. 
It is always a joy to see children have a 'light bulb' moment when understanding and knowledge start to fall into place. TM has had several of these moments this week and it has been amazing to be part of his learning journey. Well done.  
Well done JT, you have been working hard during remote learning on your times tables and it has shown in your Maths work this week. 
Well done HP, you have returned to school with a positive and hardworking attitude. I have been impressed this week with his amazing independence and confidence. 

Congratulations to KRM she has worked hard this week, she has completed all of her online work and has been very creative.

Congratulations to HCP, she has been very creative and practical with her home learning.  

Congratulations to TBD, he has completed some excellent work this week and entertained us with his singing.  

Congratulations to EE, she has been working hard to complete her work and responds well to her feedback.

Congratulations to RH, he has been trying really hard with his home learning and he is making super progress with his reading.

Congratulations to DD for his brilliant attitude towards home learning, he has completed some super work.

TM has been very busy this week, he has made some super videos to showcase his understanding in Science and Maths, which I have really enjoyed watching. Well done TM.  
I have been impressed with how hard JE is working from home, he has completed some excellent work. He has been very creative and his great sense of humour has shone through in some of his writing. Well done JE. 
Well done to CO, he has a fantastic attitude towards his learning. His work is always of a high standard, it is clear that he puts all of his efforts into completing his work to the best of his ability.  
Well done to PL, she has adapted so well to online learning, her work is always completed to a high standard and I really enjoy receiving it. 

Stars of the Week 22.1.21

These two children have impressed my with their commitment and determination with their home learning. They treat each day as a school day and have high expectations of themselves. The work they complete is always fantastic. Well done AW and AW. 
FB has been a star with her home learning this week. Her writing has been amazing, she has worked as hard as she would if we were in class. Well done.  
I have been very impressed with how well SA has adapted to home learning. He has been online everyday and completing all of the work set. Keep up the hard work. 

Over and Above.

These three wonderful children were awarded the end of term 'Over and Above' certificate. They are all kind, caring and hardworking, they challenge themselves and support others in the class. They are all a pleasure to teach. Have a lovely Christmas. 
His young man is always happy, positive and sees the joy in every experience, he is enthusiastic about all aspects of school life. He is caring and encouraging to his friends and he makes us all smile along with him everyday. What amazing qualities to have, well done RH. 
SA may be a quiet member of the class but when he does share his thoughts and  ideas they are thought provoking, passionate and often very humorous. I look forward to his contributions, they are always worth the wait. Well done. 
Well done to TBD for improving his handwriting in just one lesson. I knew you could do it, keep it up. 
Most improved presentation this week goes to FB. I was amazed when I compared their work in September to her work this week, she has made fantastic progress with her handwriting and overall presentation in all of her books. Well done. 
This young lady has grown in confidence every week since joining Ash class. To begin with she was nervous to enter class or worried about her work but now she comes in with a smile and begins her morning activities independently. I was so proud of the bravery she demonstrated with her flu vaccination which she was concerned about all day. Well done HJ, I am very proud of you. 
Well done to HCP, over the term she has grown in confidence and is beginning to share her ideas. She has always been a quiet member of the class but she is finding her voice, now we just need to find her volume button. She should be very proud of her achievements and progress so far this year. 

Having worked with FB for the past few years it has been amazing to see how she has grown in confidence and maturity. She started in year 2 as a shy, quiet member of the class but today she is a fantastic rally coach, role model and a pleasure to work with. You should be very proud of yourself and your achievements FB. Well done. 


I have been impressed with how KRM has grown is confidence and self belief this half term, especially with her work in maths. Her hard work and positivity has been rewarded with the progress she has made since September. Well done KRM, I am very proud of you. 
JE has been working hard to improve his presentation in all of his work. He has listened and responded to feedback in a positive way and his work is certainly improving. Well done JE. 

Best Work of the Week - we have chosen what we think is our own best piece. Have a look and see if you agree.

Well done AW, you work really hard to continue to improve your presentation, your books reflect how much you value your learning. You should be very proud of the progress you have made since joining Ash class. 
PL has an enthusiastic and fun personality, she makes us smile everyday. She is excited to learn new things and is proud of her achievements. Well done PL, keep smiling. 
Well done to CO, he is a fantastic role model in class. He is always focused and works to his full potential. He uses every minute he has to develop his learning and further his understanding. You should be very proud of yourself. 
Who knew we had a World War expert in our class! TBD has shone this week with his passion and knowledge of the World Wars, different fighter planes and battles. We have all enjoyed listening to his facts and knowledge. 
HP has impressed me this week with his editing skills. He looked carefully at his descriptive writing and improved it by using different words adding more detail. A fantastic example of how to edit and improve writing. Well done. 
Well done to BH. He set his own target to improve and join his handwriting and has shown perseverance and determination to achieve his goal. Keep it up. 
EE has demonstrating fantastic behaviour for learning this week, she has responded to feedback to improve her writing and really challenged herself during our Big Draw Day. Well done. 
Well done to TM this week, he thought of some fantastic adjectives to add to our descriptive writing and wrote his sentence independently using his phonics to spell words. 
AW worked hard last year to improve his handwriting and overall presentation in English and this term he has focused on his Mathematics work. Well done AW.  
Well done to DD, he has made excellent progress with his understanding in Mathematics this term, he has developed effective and accurate methods when solving problems and can spot and correct his own mistakes. 
SA has amazed me this week with how he can use facts he already knows about number to solve other calculations. He transfers his learning so well across topics and concepts. Well done.  
The improved presentation award goes to KRM this week, within one lesson he worked hard to improve his presentation and sentence structure. Well done. 
I have been very impressed with how well HJ has been working in Math's this week, she has used the base 10 to help her understand different concepts. She understood how to find 10 more and less very quickly. Well done. 
Wow, what a difference I have seen this week with RH. He has been determined to improve his presentation and sentence structure, which he has certainly achieved. He has also worked hard in Maths to begin adding numbers and exchanging 10's. Keep it up RH. 
We have added a new award this week for 'Improved Presentation' and this week I have been impressed with the care and thought that KRM applies to her work in all subjects. Well done. 
Well done to JT, who completed a fantastic piece of work this week reflecting on her time at Forest School. This piece really showcases her creative skills. 
JE has really impressed my this week with his progress in writing. He has worked hard to use all of his small steps and skills developed in English over the last few weeks to complete his final piece of writing. I really enjoyed reading your version of Troll Swap. 
HP has had a super start to this term. He has become a very independent learner and has impressed me with his constant perseverance. Well done. 
FB has started year 4 this year with a mature and hardworking attitude. I have been impressed with how well she supports and encourages her partners when rally coaching. Well done. 
GK has had a super week, he has shown that he has a fantastic behaviour for learning and has been extremely polite and helpful in class. Well done. 
Well done BH, he has impressed me with his over and above approach to all of his work. He loves a challenge and never gives up. 

Stars of the Week

Well done to CO, he always goes over and above with all of his work. He is a fantastic role model within the class. This week he wrote a fantastic characters description and in RE he showed a deep understanding of the Trinity.  
AW has been a star this week, she is always enthusiastic and engaged in all of her learning. She challenges herself and perseveres with all her work. Well done.