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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Class work

Visit from Reverend Maureen and Reverend Diana

We had a visit from Reverend Maureen and Reverend Diana to talk to us about ‘Holy Week’ the last week of Jesus life on earth. 

In Design and Technology this term we have researched hand puppets, learnt how to cut and join materials, designed a puppet and applied our new skills to make and evaluate our design. 

As part of our work on The Great Fire of London, we made model Tudor houses and re-enacted the fire by burning them and completing the bucket challenge. What a fun way to end our history topic. 

Why is Easter Important to Christians?

We have been exploring the question’Why is Easter Important to Christian’s?’. In this lesson we learnt about our relationship with God, sins and how Jesus died on the cross so our sins could be forgiven. 

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

In preparation for our tree planting, we made crowns and Ash class all became Kings and Queens. We then enjoyed a fantastic afternoon with the community planting 29 trees to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee, followed by delicious cake in the sunshine. 

As part of our work in Science, we have been learning about why and how we recycle materials. 

The Great Fire of London Art Work

In Design and Technology we have been designing a hand puppet. Today we learnt how to join, cut and add detail to our design in preparation for making our final puppet. 

Why is Easter important to Christians?

We have been considering the question ‘Why is Easter important to Christians?” To begin our unit of work we looked at some statements about Easter and decided if they were true or false. 

The Great Fire of London

We have been using sources to observe and describe how London has changed since the great fire of London. 

Natural or Man-made Materials

In Science we have been learning about natural and man-made materials. We looked at a range of objects and decided if they were natural or man-made. 

To celebrate World Book Day we came to school dressed as a word. Can you guess our words?

All Stars Cricket Taster Session

Suitable Materials

Our Design and Technology project this term is to design and make a puppet. Today we tested different materials to choose which one was fit for purpose. The felt was the overall winner. 

In Science we have been investigating how to the change the shape of materials. We tested a range of materials to discover if their shape could be changed by bending, twisting, squashing or stretching. It was a fun, practical lesson. 

Visit from Mrs Totty

Mrs Totty visited us to talk about being a Muslim and her religion, Islam. We learnt lots of Arabic words and how to write our names in Arabic. 

Year 3 Tennis

Year 3s had an enjoyable morning with the tennis coach from Baschurch tennis club learning some new skills. 

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week, we learnt about how we can look after our mental health and who can support us. We made a support balloon so we could reflect on the people around us that can help us emotionally and mentally. 

Internet Safety Week

This week has been Internet Safety Week, we worked with Mrs Rodger’s to think and discuss how we can stay safe when using technology and Mrs Twigg helped us to complete our annual eAWARE Internet Safety survey. 

Darren Edwards - Strength Through Adversity

Ash class enjoyed the inspirational presentation from Darren Edwards today. He shared his amazing journey from planning to climb Everest to his kayaking challenge. We are looking forward to following his future adventures and achievements. 


In Gymnastics we have been learning to use our bodies to balance and make different shapes. 

Designing Puppets

In Design and Technology we are designing and making a puppet for Chestnut class. Before we begin our designs we investigated different puppets to learn about what they are made from and how the materials are joined. 

As part of our work using Word, we have been learning how to save and open documents. 

Investigating Materials

In Science we have been learning about the suitability of different materials used outdoors. 

Indoor Athletics

Can you sing along? PPPPPP

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As part of our history work on 'The Great Fire of London', we looked at the structure of Tudor houses and sketched some homes for our class display. 

We watched a piece of live art called ‘A Blaze of glory’ by artist David Best then we experimented by mixing different fire colours and brush strokes to recreate flames ourselves. 

The Great Fire of London.

Our History topic this term is ‘The Great Fire of London’. Today we learnt about what happened during the four days that the fire blazed by sequencing the main events.