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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Home Learning 2021 (Tapestry insurance measure)



View the PowerPoint attached above. It is an audio PowerPoint with my voice attached to each slide. Please click "play from the start" and allow it to run naturally as I will change the slides as I talk. The challenge is recorded on the final slide. I can't wait to see your castles! 

Key Vocabulary



Watch the video of ‘There’s No Such Thing as Monsters’ again. Can you remember all 9 monsters and what they like to eat or do? The video link is:


Choose 2 or more monsters from the poem. Rehearse their lines out loud. When you have practiced lots and can remember and say your lines really well, ask a grown up to record you performing them. You could do it in a similar style to me or you could stand in front of the camera and perform them.


I am sure the children would love to see what each other has got up to today so feel free to post your video to Chestnut Home learning, if you would like to share it with the rest of the class.  

Year 1 Maths


Watch the "Numbers from 11-20" video


Choose *, ** or *** challenge and complete the corresponding worksheets below. Remember, if you don't have a printer at home, you on need to write the answers in your workbooks. 

Reception Maths


Watch the Session 5 video


Set up a teddy bears picnic and gather some food or objects to share. Explore sharing the food or objects between 2 teddies. Do both teddies have the same? Or does one teddy have more or fewer? Now have a go at sharing between 3 teddies. Write the different ways 5 can be shared between 2 teddies. Use the number formation rhymes below.