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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery


I will be setting the year 6 project work for the next two weeks.  I would also like the year 5's to do the same please (if possible).  

It will be an independent project on a topic of their choosing.  This has been the case for some of the previous year 6 cohorts.  Ideas have ranged from - Ballet/dancing, aeroplanes, motor vehicles, football, gaming and so on.  Although the project is to be as independent as possible, I would like some structure to it.  I have asked the children in school to consider the following areas and some key questions:

  • Historical background of the topic - What famous events have there been? Defining moments in history? People associated with the topic?
  • Geography - Key places? Maps? Surveys? 
  • Art & Design - Design and make a model? Posters? Diagrams? 
  • ICT - Some ideas on how to present certain bits of your project using some of the following apps we have used a school: Chatterpix, adobe spark video, imovie, green screen.


This is not an exhaustive list, just some pointers.  Perhaps there is something associated with music in your project? You could record your own song using garageband etc? 


The way in which the project is presented is completely up to you and feel free to combine the different ways of presenting your work. In previous years, some have used ring binder folders with handwritten/drawn work, Powerpoint presentations, cardboard stands with information and models, the list goes on......


I look forward to seeing the projects in two weeks time (15/6/2020)   :)