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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Safer Schools Survey Feedback November 2019

19 Safer Schools forms were returned (in 2018 we had 5 responses).


Do you feel that Cockshutt School is a safe site? Yes 100% No 0%
Do you feel that the site is tidy and welcoming? Yes 100% No 0%

Do you consider the current school and directional signage around the school

to be adequate?

Yes 100% No 0%

Are you aware that as a parent or visitor during the school day, you should report 

to the school reception?

Yes 100% No 0%

Do you feel that the visitor badges are well deployed and evident on the 

occasions when you visit?

Yes 95% No comment 5%

Are you currently aware of people using our school site out of hours?  This

would include people walking dogs. 

Yes 0% No 100%

Any further comment:

  • The church wall is of slight concern.   School response - the wall is risk assessed and there have been no incidents of intrusion since the last survey. 
  • Cars parking along the front of the school is causing problems to get across the road.  These persons are making walking across the road safely, dangerous. Maybe orange cones would deter them, maybe?  ​​​​​​​School response - The police regularly visit the School and are aware of traffic issues.  We are currently looking into a walking bus system to aid healthy lifestyles and traffic congestion.  We do remind people to be considerate to other drivers, however we cannot place cones at the front of the school on the main road.