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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Space topic

We investigated the forces involved during a rocket launch by making water bottle rockets. The combination of water and air created enough pressure to launch the bottles. We explored using different amounts of water and different sized bottles. We had lots of fun as well as getting quite wet! 

Jodrell Bank

The children had a fantastic day at Jodrell Bank. They enjoyed the hands on interactive exhibitions to learn about the Solar System. During the day they took part in two workshops, Solar System Science and Mars Moon Buggy. They demonstrated excellent team work and behaviour whilst completing their activities. 

As part of our Science and Topic work we have been learning about how rockets launch and the forces that cause this. To demonstrate thrust we made balloon rockets. We used the balloon rockets to plan and carry out a science investigation. In groups we thought of our own investigation questions and how we would experiment. 

In our space topic we have learnt about the planets in the Solar System. We used our Maths skills for measuring and drawing circles to create our own Solar System.