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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Spring 2020

L3 County Finals

We had 1 runner from Cockshutt who represented our North Shropshire District in the County Finals at Shrewsbury Sports Village.  Unfortunately, due to the bad weather and the waterlogged Cross Country course this part of the competition had had to be postponed once and on the rearranged date the runners had to compete on the cycle track as the weather was still poor.  He finished in 12th place (out of the whole of North Shropshire) which was an amazing result!

Year 3 and 4 Dodgeball

This is a wonderful sport that every child loves and the Y3 and 4 children had a great time training for it!  The team consisted of 8 children with 3 girls and 3 boys playing at all times with 2 substitutes, the games are fast and furious with lots of dodging and throwing.  The team displayed great sportsmanship qualities: as soon as they knew they had been hit they straight away left the court and sat down.  They finished in an amazing 1st place and as this is a new competition for our Sports Cluster ‘Cockshutt’ will be the first team to be engraved on the trophy!  Well done everybody!

KS1 Gymnastics

This is a wonderful competition for the younger children to be able to compete in – there are not very many that we can go to so we like to get the KS1 children to as many as possible.  The team of 4 children trained incredibly hard – they have to remember a floor and a bench routine and perform in front of judges and other competitors which is a huge feat when you are only 5 and 6 years old!

Our final competition this week was the L2 Cross Country which was held at Oswestry School. We had 2 runners, our Year 5 runner finished in 1st position and now qualifies to go through to the County Finals in March and our Year 6 runner, who was unwell but still determined to run, finished in 13th place. Well done to you both!

Cockshutt had also qualified for the L2 basketball which took place at Sir John Talbot school in Whitchurch. With a team member down and only one substitute the team played against 5 other small and large schools. Plenty of baskets were scored and the team were so close to scoring more, they showed great determination and resilience to finish in 6th position in the whole of North Shropshire.

The Cockshutt Tag Rugby team went to Oswestry Rugby Club for their L2 competition to compete against 7 other teams from small schools. They played 7 amazing matches showing great determination and passion winning 4 of their matches and narrowly conceding 3 to finish in 5th place out of the whole of North Shropshire District which is a great achievement. Team members received medals from opposing teams and our team were awarded medals for respect, self belief, passion and determination, well done everyone!