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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Summer 2019

Making the Solar System

Today, we began building the solar system. We are learning new facts about each planet every day. We learnt about Mars today. Did you know it is sometimes called the Red Planet because its surface is made of iron oxide (the same element as rust!), it has 2 moons, and scientists recently found evidence there may have been water on Mars? 

Moon Crater Experiment

For our experiment, we looked at lots of pictures of craters and made predictions about how they appeared on the moon. Then we made a copy of the surface of the moon using cornflour and baby oil and dropped lots of different rocks (meteors) and observed the different effects they had on "the moon". We discovered larger and heavier rocks and rocks dropped from higher up greater deeper craters

Practical maths = a class of maths lovers!

We're going on a plant hunt!