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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Summer 2021

Although Dan himself didn't deliver the skipping session, Oak Class had an amazing time learning some new skills.  Every child has now been given their own individual skipping rope to use at break and lunch times - chance to put into practice some of the new skills we were taught.   Staff even took part in the session!

Life cycle of a caterpillar

Watch our class caterpillars grow as we study their life cycle

Acorn, our class pet, enjoying the beautiful rays of sunshine with fellow classmates!

Feeling inspired by Alexander Calder

This year, for our leavers treat, we decided to camp out Friday night on the school field!  We had lots of fun playing rounders, disc golf, person-hunt and many other games.  We ordered pizza and chips for our dinner, and when Mrs Jones finally got the fire going, we all had a lovely chat around it and ate some s'mores.

I think there were a few tired faces on Saturday morning but we all had a great time.

A huge thank you to one of our governors, Sally Harris, for coming into our class today to show us how to use wire to create 3D models.  We were taught how to manipulate wire, the different gauges of wire and a variety of joining techniques.  After we had practised a number of key steps, we then had a go at created models based on the work of Rachel Ducker....I think we realised it is not as easy at it looks! However, we persevered and created fantastic 3D wire models.

Prayer time built around the parable of the Good Samaritan

Today we went over to the church to take part in a session with the theme of prayer time, built around the parable of the Good Samaritan.  

Two of the activities were designed to encourage the children to think about loving their neighbour and we shall explore the question of who exactly is our neighbour at the start of the session.  Another activity was to place ourselves into the shoes of those who passed the injured man on the road.  The fourth activity, Under my Umbrella, was to explore how the injured man felt when he was looked after by the Good Samaritan and whether there have been times in the children’s lives when they can remember feeling vulnerable.

Thank you to Rev Maureen, Rev Diana and all of the volunteers who led the sessions.

Cricket engagement session

James Wojda, from the Shropshire Cricket Board came to school today.  The class took part in a range of fun activities that allowed them to learn new skills and then put them into practise at the end of the session.  We all had a great time, and some children have even decided to join local cricket teams after the session.


Sunflower planting

Oak Class and the other classes in the school were excited to be asked to plant their own sunflowers as part of the Cockshutt Horticultural Show.

Ian Bland poetry workshop