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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

What it means to be a Church School

Cockshutt C. of E. Primary school offers a high standard of education to all the children who attend from the village itself and the neighbouring area, regardless of the religious beliefs or otherwise of their parents. As a Church school we are committed to maintaining a high quality of teaching and the fostering of a safe environment where pupils feel happy, secure and valued. Both of these aims remain a significant strength of the school as highlighted by our OFSTED inspection.  The present staff, helpers and governors base their lives on Christian values and ethics.


There are three distinct kinds of Church of England school: Cockshutt is a voluntary controlled school, which means that although the Church appoints its own governors, responsibility for the employment of staff as well as funding and repair of the building remains with the LEA. Religious Education follows an agreed syllabus and the worship of the school retains an Anglican ethos. To this end, there is a close link between Church and school; the vicar is a regular visitor at the school and takes a weekly assembly and the school regularly uses the Church.


As a Church school we see the pupils spiritual and moral development as an integral part of their education, although they are in no way indoctrinated into a particular belief, denominational or otherwise.  We firmly believe that by developing a Christian ethos and example, pupils in our care will grow and mature into caring and responsible adults.  By Christian ethos we mean that the way we live and relate to those around us is based as closely as we can on the example of Jesus Christ.

The school teaches an understanding of other faiths and cultures, in the belief that respect and tolerance for other people’s beliefs remains an essential part of the children’s education.


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education and collective worship if they so wish, in which case their child will work independently on an aspect of the national curriculum.