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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Writing Club

We wrote riddles describing people, and then guessed who!

We wrote scripts for a puppet show.

Boxes of Whackiness - mild, no-props-required dares.

Space Stories!

This week we wrote our own crazy school rules.

Guinea pigs came to Writing Club and we wrote Elfje (11-syllable) poems

Inside My Head

Crazy Lies About Fruit!

We wrote stories based on Random Characters

Skull Poems

One-line Fantasy Stories

In Writing Club, the children often write their own stories at home.

We wrote stories about school being invaded by furry worm-things!

Writing Concertina Books

The great thing about Cockshutt School Writing Club is that every week, the children bring in stories they’ve written at home.  There is such energy and excitement about sharing creative ideas!