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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery


Sport and Healthy Lifestyles

Cockshutt Primary School

Report 2015/16


In order to “Inspire a Generation” after the 2012 London Olympics, the government pledged £150 million of ‘Sport Premium’ funding per annum (academic year) to primary schools. This money is to be used purely on  P.E., Sport and Healthy Lifestyles.


We received:

2014/15:  £ 8,300

2015/16: £ 8,390


This year we used it to:

  • Work in Partnership with other schools – the North West Shropshire Schools jointly fund a member of staff to organise interschool competitions and other links such as the Clubs Fair.
  • Employ a sports coach to train staff to have more expertise and confidence in delivering PE – we have employed Mr Hughes weekly to develop teacher’s confidence and skills and provide children with the opportunity to work with a specialist coach.
  • Reviewed the scheme of work for EYFS to improve teacher understanding and the delivery of the curriculum for Physical development
  • Provide new and more extra-curricular sports clubs – both after-school and lunchtime sports clubs on a weekly basis.
  • Inspire children who are not engaged in P.E. by offering a broad spread of clubs. Each year the Year 3/4 attend the North West Shropshire Education Improvement Partnership Clubs Fair. As a result of this fair the children identify a club that they would like to have in the school and we endeavour to provide it.  Last year we introduced a Martial Arts club and this year we have introduced a Hoola Hoop club.  They have both been popular with the children.
  • Enter more competitions particularly the School Games – the grant has enabled us to enter more sport both through the funding a dedicated organiser and enabling us to subsidise transport.
  • Provided 10 weeks of swimming for all children from Year 1 upwards
  • Year 6 have participated in a wide range of Outdoor & Adventurous Activities on their residential stay.
  • Provided outdoor activity via ‘Welly Wednesdays’ and ‘Woodland Ways’ lessons/ blocks across the school.
  • Years 3 and 4 visited the Clubs Fair where they had the opportunity to try a variety of sports and the school had the opportunity to build links with local sports clubs.
  • Improved Sports Day to include field sports as well as track events (thereby widening access to success)
  • Joined the PE and Sports Association and the Youth Sports Trust to enable us to be aware of best practice in PE and Sports provision and to effectively evaluate our own provision.
  • Developed intra school ‘House’ Orienteering and Cricket competitions.
  • All of our sports and healthy lifestyle involvement enabled us to achieve the Silver Youth Sports Trust


Local Cluster Sports Administrator: £300

Swimming Staff: £713

Sports Coaches: £4236

Education Equipment: £1018 (Playground marking)

Transport: £2250

Total: £8517


Clubs held since September 2015:

We are very proud of the breadth and quantity of clubs we have been able to offer each year. Since September 2015 our children have been able to take part in the following clubs:

Sports Clubs



Martial Arts

Hoola Hoop


Sports Skill

Tag Rugby

Other Clubs

My-Maths Club

Eco Club

Sewing Club

Board Games

Gardening Club

Drama Club

Homework Club

Messy-Moments Club

Recorder Club

Computer Club



The impact of these improvements in the provision of PE and Sport has led to:

  • an increased participation, with the majority of children having taken part in some extra-curricular sporting activities. Since September 2015 only 4 children in KS2 have not attended a club and only 8 children have not attended a sports themed club.
  • children have had the opportunity to try sports which they have not been involved with before.
  • improved teacher knowledge of the curriculum and skills progression


Our focus now is to:

  • Train child ‘Sports Leaders’ to lead activities such as lunchtime play and P.E. warm-ups
  • Seek opportunities to receive visiting sports personnel
  • Re-develop the Change 4 Life Club