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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Spring 2023

We have been exploring ice eggs to free the Easter chicks that got frozen. We watched the ice melt with the temperature getting warmer in nursery throughout the morning and we tried many different tools to crack away the ice.

We had a great time last week with the silk painter that we are exploring new ways of being artistic in little chestnut. Today we splatted paint. Used a pipette and also blew the runny paint. We created some great pieces of art.

In little chestnut we have been thinking about recycling and looking after our planet with the help of some new games.

We explored sound today. We used the tubes to decide how to make loud and quiet sounds by twirling the tubes fast and slow.

In phonics we have been developing some letter formation and mark making skills.

We have developing our fine motor skills by opening a nail bar! We had a to paint very carefully!

Celebrating Chinese New Year.

Baking cakes. We have been busy using the chocolate dough and the number cutters to make number cakes. We said each number and ordered each number cake to count.

Journey Day. We really enjoyed exploring the kings, making crowns and looking after the donkeys that visited.