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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery


For our final art lesson based on a sequence of learning, we applied all of the skills we had developed to create a painting in the style of Matt Sewell. The progression the children have made throughout this unit of work has been amazing. 

To support and deepen our learning in our science topic, Rocks and Fossils, we spent the day at the Shropshire Discovery Hills Centre. We made our own fossil to help understand the process of fossilisation. We also completed a Rock Recipe workshop where we made sandwiches to represent the layers of sedimentary rock, pancakes to show how metamorphic rocks are formed and we melted chocolate to represent igneous rock. 

We love sharing books everyday in Ash class but it is always fun to dress up as our favourite book characters on World Book Day.  

Before completing the final step in our art unit, we needed to develop our skills and techniques using the watercolours. We made colour wheels and practised changing the shade of one colour. 

Ancient Greece. The Role of Men and Women.

Internet Safety Day

Forest school clean up

Forest school was getting a bit overgrown and untidy, so we all worked together to give it a good tidy up. We raked the leaves, tidied the sticks and pulled down some of the willow. 

Magnetic or Non-magnetic

Life in Ancient Greece

Reading for Pleasure

Marvellous Magnets

In Science we have been learning about magnetism and how magnets have a natural and invisible force. 

Year 3’s learnt to be mini medics this morning. They all had a great time learning first aid skills including how to put on a bandage, how to ring the emergency services, CPR and how to put someone in the recovery position. 

During our History day we looked at the Modern Olympics and wrote facts about it on the back of a medal. Then we learnt about the Ancient Olympics, we used photos of pottery to look for clues about the different events. We also learnt about the revival of the Olympics in 1896 and the man behind it, William Penny Brookes from Much Wenlock. 

This term in PE, we are learning gymnastics. This week, we learnt how to do teddy rolls and worked in pairs to create a sequence of 2 jumps and 2 rolls then performed them to the rest of the class. 

We spent the day learning and reflecting on the Epiphany. The aim of this journey day is to help children understand that different countries and traditions celebrate in different ways and that there are many ‘special days’ marked in the Anglican church calendar.

Investigating Suffixes.

In English, we investigated how to change adjectives by adding 'er' and 'est',