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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Online Safety Support for Families

Please look at the PDF's below to find out all the latest guidance for keeping safe online. Get in contact with school if you need a hard copy.   We believe that all families should have the most up to date information to keep their children safe.   Please contact school or the CEOP's Ambassador if you have any worries of concerns.   

Steps you can take to help keep your child safer online

Parental controls: 

Parental controls have been designed to help you manage your child's online activities. There are various types, some of which are free but others which can be bought. However, nothing is totally fool proof so this shouldn't replace the support and guidance you give your child to help keep them safer. For more information and step by step instructions on setting up parental controls, visit Parental Controls & Privacy Settings Guides - Internet Matters.


Supervise their online activity: 

Keep the devices your child uses in communal areas of the house such as the living room or kitchen, where an adult is able to supervise. Primary-age children should not access the internet in private spaces alone, such as in a bedroom or bathroom.


Explore together and chat little and often

Ask your child to show you their favourite apps, games and sites and encourage them to teach you how to use these. Ask them if anything ever worries them online. Make sure they know they won’t be in trouble and can get help by talking to you or another adult they trust if anything

happens online that makes them feel worried, sad or scared.


Watching videos

From animals doing funny things, to slime-making and game-tutorials, the internet has lots of fun videos for children to enjoy. But the amount and availability of content online means that children may see something inappropriate.


To understand what type of content might not be suitable and advice on how to help your child watch safely, look at this short guide:


You can also look at the following family guide for activities to do together:


The internet is a public and open space where anyone can post and share content. This can be fun and entertaining for children, but it does mean your child may see something that is intended for adults.

Find out what to do if you're worried your child might see something inappropriate online or what to do if they already have.  Children love to watch videos and YouTube is always a firm favourite! But sometimes children can be exposed to videos that are not meant for them. YouTube Kids is a safer way for children to explore their interests.