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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

School Ambassadors


School Ambassadors are role models within our school who are keen to promote our school core values: respect, forgiveness, perseverance, compassion, friendship and courage.

A school ambassador is voted by their class to be the representative for the year group they are in. They are the children who listen to all the ideas, worries and opinions of the children in our school community. This information is then shared with members of staff at the ambassador meetings.

Meet the Ambassadors.

Picture 1

I am the Year 1 ambassador. My role is to set a good example and help

the children in Chestnut class. 

Picture 1

I am the Year 2 ambassador. My role is to help my

class with anything or any problems 

they might have and I will share this

information at Ambassador meetings. 

Picture 1

I am the ambassador for Year 3. My role is to set a good example

for the other children in the school and to listen to their ideas

about school. 

Picture 1

My role as the Year 4 ambassador is to talk to the children

in school about what they would like to change or 

improve and share this at the ambassador meetings. 

Picture 1

I am the Year 5 ambassador and my roles and

responsibilities are to help children in 

Oak, Ash and Chestnut class. If anyone

would like to suggest changes in school

they will tell an ambassador and we will

tell a teacher. 

Picture 1

I am the Year 6 ambassador and my role is to 

help children in any class and to ensure that they

are fine with how the school is running. If they want 

anything improving I will let the teachers know at 

the ambassador meetings.