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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Spring 2024

We made houses today in design technology. Boat houses,castles, tents and terraces! We learnt how to make hinges for doors and windows!

We made houses from lots of different materials. Then we made predictions and thought about what makes a fair test before the big bad wolf tried to blow the houses down!

We have been preparing for Easter by making Easter nests and thinking what the egg symbolises.

World book day!

In science we have been looking at materials. We discovered what was magnetic in our school and learnt why metals are magnetic.

We have been learning some new balance bike skills. We received some new bikes from our bike ability training and have been working on gliding and kangaroo jumps.

In gymnastics we have been practicing making some shapes with our bodies. We then used these shapes to make pencil and star jumps and balances on the apparatus.

We explored ice by making Elsa hand ice sculptures. Then we had to see how to melt them. We found heat worked well as did salt and hammering!

We visited Xplore and learnt so many scientific ideas from light to sound, thermal technology, eco saving ideas and construction techniques. It was amazing and we have come away from the construction workshop with so many ideas for our own building houses back in class. !

Frozen! We made the most of the icy weather by exploring the forest school and creating our very own frozen Elsa hands. We filled up the gloves with lots of forest treasure, added water from the water butt, learning to use the tap and strengthen our finger muscles and hung then up to freeze! The next day we monitored how long they took to melt and other ways of breaking the ice... lots of hammering was involved! Whilst doing this we also talked about the transformation of the water from a liquid to a solid and back to a liquid again!