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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Summer 2023

Today we learnt all about the parts of a plant and what each part of the plant does to support the plants growth. We picked, laminated and labelled to show our understanding!

Careers week. This week we have been so lucky to have so many different and interesting jobs to explore. It’s been great!

Today we are celebrating the Coronation. We have made crowns and scones ready for our lunchtime picnic!

Today we visited the library van. It was so much fun to meet Doug who is in charge and some of the local residents too. We chose lots of new books for class and enjoyed one with a cheeky biscuit snack!

Tree hunt. We found so many gorgeous trees in our school grounds today. We identified them by looking at the leaves and used our knowledge of if they are evergreen or deciduous to discuss when they have leaves.

Flower hunt. We went on a flower hunt and identifies so many beautiful wild flowers. When we returned to class we used some of the plants we collected to label each part.

Hunting for fossils. We began our story about a Mammoth at the museum and went digging for fossils. We found lots in our garden!