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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery


A high quality mathematics education develops logical reasoning, problem solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways.  Mathematics is important in everyday life. It is integral to all aspects of life.  We encourage our pupils to develop a sense of enjoyment and an enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them into adult life. It is important that a positive attitude and growth mind-set towards mathematics is encouraged amongst all our pupils in order to foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement.

Power Maths




At Cockshutt C of E Primary School, we use Power Maths as a basis for our Maths lessons. This is an exciting mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE. It is based upon the concrete, pictoral and abstract model of learning. This approach is not about getting the answer quickly or teaching ‘quick fix’ tricks. It is about giving our pupils the tools to fully understand a mathematical concept.


Mathematics lessons are broken down into a sequence of small, progressive steps and enable pupils to continually build on prior knowledge. Concepts are gradually developed and pupils are encouraged to make links in their mathematical thinking, develop flexibility in understanding and apply their learning across a range of contexts. 


Every lesson is divided into sections that involve discovery, sharing, collaboration, practice and reflection. There are a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions in each lesson that are designed to support the different needs and confidence levels within a class, while at the same time fostering a spirit of working and learning together.


At the heart of Power Maths is the idea that all children can achieve. It rejects the idea that people simply ‘can’t do’ maths.

Maths Whizz support

Maths in EYFS & Year 1 is practical and fun! We learn a lot through play and our breadth of experiences in continuous provision as well as in our daily Maths lessons.

Gareth Metcalfe Maths National Trainer - working with our school throughout 2018/19 as part of our raising achievement plan.

Once a term Mr Metcalf, a National trainer for Maths, visits our school to work with children, staff and parents to develop the teaching and learning of Maths in each class.