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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Spring 2023

Today we explored Easter Sunday and we then made a variety of Easter gardens. Some children were inspired to then take their play further and make an Easter garden in the sand using loose parts to make the crosses and cave.

We used a green screen to explore Tudor, Georgian and Victorian houses in our local town of Ellesmere.

Minnie came to Chestnut Class to talk about different houses that she has lived in over the years and how things have changed.

Local heritage walk. We had a great time identifying different houses around Cockshutt.

Today we began planting wild flowers in our garden area. We thought about the growing process and what we needed to add to the seeds, such as water and sunshine.

The last supper. We have been learning about the last supper. We learnt the story and ate bread and wine just like the disciples.

We have been enhancing the environment with links to the children’s recent interests. We have been counting bugs and matching them to the amount on a domino and looking at maps and atlases!

Silk art. We explored painting on silk today with a local artist. We found out about colours, origins of colours, colour mixing and the creation of silk.

We really enjoy being led by the children’s interests and one little boy in particular adores numbers. He used the whiteboard in the construction den to write and solve addition problems.

We have been led by the children’s interests and created a new dinosaur world today, complete with a stony river and moss mountain.

We have been exploring building outside. We thought carefully about homes from our geography learning and made a large scale caste complete with cannons.

We have innovated the story of The Three Little Pigs. Here are so great examples.. the Three little stars and the big bad moon and the Three little fish and the big bad megladon!

We have completed our design technology project today by making the houses that we designed. We used all of the skills we learnt over the weeks to make the final product.

We have been making worms from play dough to explore length. We used the words long and short and compared the length of everybody’s worms to see who had the longest and shortest.

We have been busy playing caption pairs today. We used our blending and segmenting skills to read the caption and hopefully find the matching picture card.

We have been exploring how to make windows with a simple hinge. We then looked carefully at the type of material we would need to make a window transparent.

Colour mixing. We created a colour pallate in the scheme of Lowry colours today.

We have been looking closely at medieval homes. We designed them, looked at the key features of the homes and built our own medieval homes too.

Science investigation. Oh no... water had been spilled at snack time! Which material was the best to clean it up? We found materials that were waterproof, materials that ripped when wet and materials that were absorbent too.

Forest Fun. This week we spotted lots of new critters by following our interest in bugs. We saw newts and eggs, snails and slugs!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

We explored ice and water in our science lesson to make the most of the cold weather. It gave us the chance to think about how materials can change and how we could change them by adding different temperatures. We also learnt the words solid and liquid.

Fun in the snow! We explored how the snow had changed our school today and we even used it as a big sheet of paper to write our names in!

Using Google. We learnt how to use the search engine Google to look for properties on rightmove ready for our research for design technology, where we will create a home of our own.

We have been enjoying some new, fun phonics games in Chestnut Class. We are becoming fantastic at segmenting and blending!

We have been enjoying retelling the story of theThree Little Pigs with the puppets. We are excellent at remembering the key phrases from the story and the order the houses are built and blown down by the cheeky wolf!

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning what a birds eye view is in geography. We created our own city (while also learning about the features of villages, towns and cities) and viewed it from above. We have labelled aerial photographs of our city and drawn maps. We are also beginning to learn about our location in the UK and the wider world.

Gymnastics. We have began our new gymnastics sessions this term and have already made a great start learning different body shapes such as pike. We then applied these shapes to some apparatus.

Journey day. We enjoyed exploring the journey of the kings by making star biscuits, crowns, caring for the donkeys and burning our worries away on the forest fire.