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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Kate Long writer and nature enthusiast

Start a Nature Blog!


When you're outside for your daily exercise, look for interesting objects to photograph and start a collection. You can post your photos on a blog using, or keep a file on your phone or computer, or print the pictures out and put them in a book or on a noticeboard. Look for amazing skies and sunsets, patterns in the snow or frost, new plants coming through, the first insects, hungry birds. See how many different species you can spot before the end of lockdown!


Here is my nature blog:



...and here are some of my favourite photos from 2020.


female red deer


water vole


     grey squirrel



fox and peacock butterflies


Fun Writing Ideas


If you like being creative, why not have a look at some of the ideas on my Writing Club blog? Not all of the ideas on the blog can be done during lockdown, but below I've picked out some of the ones that you could try. Find the blog posts to get more details about how to do each activity.


How about thumb print characters? You can make thumb prints by colouring your thumb with felt tip or paint.





Or see if you can make the world's tiniest book.



Compile a book of your favourite jokes. But if you're searching online, make sure you google jokes FOR KIDS.



Write some crazy recipes for the world's worst things.



Create a riddle about a real or fictional person and see if anyone can guess who.



Make a box of fun dares, then try them out on your family or friends.




Can you think up some new, very silly school rules?



Invent some outrageous lies about fruit!



Design a pop up fantasy book.



Draw and write about the ugliest dog in the world.



Imagine the diary of a bad pet.



Design a concertina book!



Continue the story...



Think about all the different skills you have and what you are to other people, then create a collage.



Find out how to create your own, unique alien.



Imagine the secret life of your kitchen.