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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery


Testimonials.  Working with the local community and outside providers is a privilege for us in Cockshutt. We enjoy welcoming people through our door.  Please read below some of the feedback we have had from our visitors. 

Eglantine Jebb Workshop 


'Thank you for this afternoon. The children are lovely, polite, so enthusiastic and interesting to be with. 

They're a real delight and a credit to you and the rest of the staff. 

As you know, children's  behaviour and attitude stems from what they see and hear as well as how they're treated.

You  are doing an amazing job with them.'


Juliet Shone (February 2019)

During the 2018/19 raising achievement in Mathematics is a major schools improvement priority for us. 


There have been significant improvements in the quality of the teaching and learning in maths this academic year. There has been a clear improvement in children’s learning behaviours; gaps in calculation are being addressed and equipment and images are being used effectively to teach concepts. Teachers are aware of children who are not achieving age-related expectations and are taking steps to support these children and all children are being challenged. Gareth Metcalfe, January 2019

Random Pupil Selector is our system for monitoring work and progress with pupils across the school. We had a visit from a local Headteacher recently and this was his feedback:


Thank you so much for allowing me to spend time with the wonderful pupils at Cockshutt!! It was a pleasure to listen to the pupils talk so eloquently and with great pride about their work! I felt that they Year 6 pupils who discussed the process of Pupil Voice at Cockshutt were very confident around what the process involves and how it benefits them. The two Year 6 pupils were also very clear on the difference between work monitoring and the behaviour systems you have set up.

Year 5/6 recently completed some CPR training with Nicola Bishton.  Nicola is raising money for the British Heart Foundation by teaching CPR round local clubs and schools. We really enjoyed having her in school.  We wish Nicola lots of luck as she completes the London Marathon next month, she is an inspiration to all of us. 


Thank you for letting me come to teach CPR your schools today. And for the kind donation. 

I just wanted to drop you an email to say what lovely schools, staff and most of all pupils you have. They were an absolute pleasure to teach. 


Nicola Bishton