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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Class Celebration

April-May 2021


KA has been a star from start to finish this week. His enthusiasm for completing independent challenges and collecting lollipop sticks for his rainbow has been fantastic. Keep up the good work, K! 

CH has made brilliant progress in Maths this week. She has listened well, concentrated hard and worked independently to deepen her own understanding. Well done, C! 


CRJ’s writing has massively improved recently. His confidence has grown and he can now sound out more words independently. This week, he blew me away when he wrote a whole page of sentences and was able to read them back! 

RK has developed so much confidence since he began school this year. It has been lovely to watch his personality develop and shine. I have been especially impressed with his growing independence this week. Keep shining, R! 


RBD has improved her writing tremendously over this term. This week, she wrote a whole story with lovely handwriting and great composition. Well done, R! 

KA always challenges himself when he is working and playing independently. This week, he built a “Pyramid of Doom”. He wrote labels using his Phonics knowledge and endeavoured to learn the names of many 3D shapes. 


I was very impressed when LH completed some subtraction work independently this week. She is growing in confidence in Maths every week and this is really beginning to show in her work. She maintained focus and concentration for long enough to complete the task and was incredibly proud of herself when she completed it. Keep it up, L! 
EG has had a super week! She has been working so hard on her listening skills and is growing some super friendships within class. She has tried especially hard this week to show kindness and respect to her classmates and we are all very proud of you! 


CH always works hard and listens well. This week, she has been working especially hard to improve her writing. Her sentence structure is improving and she is independently applying more spellings correctly. I can’t wait to see how her writing develops further over the coming weeks. Well done, C! 
MW has become so much more independent over recent weeks. He is learning to believe in himself and not be afraid of making mistakes. This growing independence has enabled him to deepen his understanding of addition in Maths and sound out words more confidently in English. Keep believing in yourself, M! 


I have been so impressed with OC’s enthusiasm for writing over recent weeks. It has been so lovely to watch O’s knowledge and confidence grow and to see her begin to apply her phonics knowledge in her independent work. This week, O has particularly amazed me with her segmenting of words to write labels. She can often hear all of the sounds in simple words and her letter formation is improving every day. Keep up the good work, O! 
ER has grown in confidence so much over the past few weeks. She has been so happy and cheerful at all times and has been so enthusiastic to complete group work with her teachers. E cannot wait until it is her turn and always listens attentively and tries hard when working alongside me. I am excited to see E’s confidence grow further next half term! 


EJ has been working so hard in maths this week. She has worked hard to complete independent tasks and is making fantastic progress. This week, in particular, she has shown great focus and has worked diligently to complete several addition and number bond challenges. Keep it up, E! 

HG has gained a tremendous amount of confidence when writing independently over recent weeks. This week, we adapted the story of the Gingerbread Man. We changed the character and planned out their journey to the river. H has listened and understood everything he has been taught and has independently applied the ‘ed’ suffix, capital letters, full stops and even commas in his independent writing. I can’t wait to read what happens next in his story when he finishes it next week! 


EE has completed some fantastic writing this week. She has been working really hard to apply her phonics and is beginning to use capital letters and full stops. Just one example of her great writing was a super recount of her weekend where she used time connectives to sequence events. Keep up the super work! 
LH has had a fantastic first week at Cockshutt! She has been confident, happy and has listened really well to her teachers. She has brought a smile to my face every time I have seen her this week. We can’t wait to have you back again for more fun next week! 


CRJ has been a superstar writer all week! At every opportunity, he has been picking up his pencil to write Gingerbread Man stories and facts about animals. He is making great progress when sounding words out independently. His reading is also progressing well at the moment and he is applying his knowledge of trickier sounds. Keep up the good work, C! 

What fantastic progress DM is making in her reading! Her hardworking attitude is superb and is helping her to tackle new learning daily. I have been especially impressed with her listening this week as well. She can recall and apply tricky learning independently. I can’t wait to see what next week holds of her! 


FD has settled into our class perfectly! She is so thoughtful and kind to all of her peers and younger children within the class. She is always sat beautifully on the carpet ready to learn and always tries her best at everything she does. This week, she has completed 7 Superhero Challenges in her independent learning time!! 

SP is a little super star! He is always searching for ways to help other children and never wants any praise or attention for what he does. His kindness and compassion for others does not go unnoticed and he will be a great asset to his year group for many years to come. He does all this with a fantastic sense of humour; always bringing a smile to everybody’s face. 


Well done to DM for a fantastic week of learning! She is always so diligent in her learning and produces lovely work independently. She puts a lot of thought and care into everything she does and is a superb role model to our new Reception children. 

HG is always so mature when in school. His behaviour is brilliant and he likes to help other children make good choices. He is currently working very hard to write more sentences independently. He has completed some brilliant writing this week and he has made me a very proud teacher! 


Well done to the new Reception children for a fantastic first week of school. They have all been superstars from start to finish. They have all been so enthusiastic while in class and have listened brilliantly. I am so excited to have them in for five full days next week. 


Well done to F for being a fantastic buddy to one of our new reception children. He has been caring, attentive and amusing to his buddy all week. What a responsible young man!