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Cockshutt CE Primary School & Nursery

Spring 2022

Exploring materials. We tested umbrellas and even made our own!

Easter garden and hot cross muffin making

More Naughty Bus shenanigans!

Art in the forest can get very messy!

We have been using flowers to explore number bonds to 5 in Maths. We have also been practising counting backwards from 20.

This week, we received a mysterious parcel. When we opened it, we found a London bus. How strange! We spent lots of time discussing journeys we have been on and imagining our dream bus journey. Then we worked together to draw a giant road with lots of imaginative places for the bus to stop. The children drew posh hotels, alien deserts, sweet shops, and all sorts. I wonder if anything else strange will happen next week!

We enjoyed recreating the story of Good Friday in class. The children all shouted “Hosanna!” and placed palm leaves on the floor as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. Poorly people travelled to temple to be healed by Jesus. We practised using our independence skills to create our own handprint palm leaves and created artwork telling the story of Good Friday.

Soda bread baking in Maths

Post lunch time yoga to strengthen our minds and bodies with the Reception and Nursery children.

The Year One Maths is getting pretty tricky, but it’s great to see the children using their growth mindset to take on new challenges!

Earlier this week, we used our knowledge of Maths symbols (=+-) to write addition and subtraction fact families and play “spot the mistake”. We then deepened our knowledge of greater than and less than (<>) to compare addition and subtraction number sentences.

This week, the Year Ones made “Sunshine Soup” in their cookery session. 👩🏼‍🍳

Every week, we make time to play games to practise using our Maths skills in real life.

Forest school homes. We explored animal homes and made our own! We even made house names and numbers and Mrs Sobczak even found a friend in her shed 🐹

This week, in RE, we learned that the special book for Christians is called the Bible. We enjoyed exploring different versions of the Bible together. The children especially liked the Minecraft Bible! Later this term, we will learn what stories and books are special to Muslims and Hindus.

Gruffalo Crumble! A perfect way to introduce children to new fruits!

This week, we began learning about homes. We learnt that people can live in all sorts of homes and talked about the homes we live in. We also discussed our knowledge of the local area, with lots of children seeing local residents living on canal boats. The Reception children spent time building and identifying the features of houses.

In Chestnut Class, we cook every week. It is not only brilliant for developing Mathematical understanding (weighing, measuring, counting), but it also helps us learn to follow instructions, develop independence and learn about healthy eating and balanced diets. It has been amazing so far this year to see so many children gain confidence to try new foods!